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Monday, March 9, 2009

A treat day that calls for an update blog

One of my favorite treats is a day where I have nothing to do and a good book I can’t put down to fill it with. Such days are few and far between, especially lately, but when I am lucky enough to have them while I’m in the process of reading a good book, it’s so wonderful, I must write about it, apparently.

Hence, my return after many many many weeks away from my blogging space. I’ve just spent a day reading and feel the need to blog. It’s funny how my need to write is triggered. This is not to say that I haven’t been writing at all… on the contrary. I’ve been writing like it’s going out of style, just not on my blog. In all honesty, with the collapse of journalism and the questionable future of writers everywhere who want nothing more than to make their living just writing, I feel that blogging is one of the many things in cyberspace responsible for such a thing. So, I’ve been kind of keeping my distance from my blog lately.

Another reason I’ve been sort of distant on here is my feeling that I write and write and write, but the only people who actually read my blog and care enough to respond to my post asking readers to identify themselves are friends and family. Friends and family are great readers to have, don’t get me wrong, but it’s a little discouraging when that’s your entire fan base—those who almost have to read what you write. My friends don’t really have to read my writing, but still, there is an unspoken deal in friendship that says: I will take a look at anything you produce, whether it’s drivel or not, because I’m your friend and that’s what friends do.

Well, there’s my long-winded excuse for not having written anything for a long while. I’ve come to terms with the fact that perhaps I’m just not the greatest blogger and that’s why strangers don’t just stumble upon my blog and decide to bookmark it for their daily fix. Friends and family are going to be my readers no matter what and that’s really not so bad.

In the meantime, I’m busy busy busy (save for today, of course.) I have been enjoying my second semester at Arapahoe Community College, where I am taking a creative writing class and the literary magazine class, for which I am one of the literary directors for the school’s literary magazine. I’m enjoying both classes a great deal and gaining a wealth of knowledge and experience. The newspaper has been going really well and I’m writing editorials that at times have been inflammatory for their criticism of the school and its shoddy treatment of the newspaper.

Life is going really well for me right now, but days are blurring together and flying by fast. Really fast. I’d love to say that I have a good and solid plan after the semester is over, but I don’t. All I know for sure is that these past eight months have changed my life in ways I never imagined it could be changed this late in the game (almost eight years after graduating from college.) And to think there’re still two months to go of new learning and experiences that I’m sure will make whatever comes my way afterward something I’m a little more prepared for than I was eight months ago.

Well, there’s my blog post for you. I will try to not be so distant for reasons other than just being plain too busy to write drivel about my days and modes of entertainment from now on.

Thanks for reading!

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