Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people. - Eleanor Roosevelt

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

My Golden Age

With my birthday taking place tomorrow I am feeling nothing but happiness. Most people dread such events, especially after they cross over into their thirties.

I feel I have been lied to and misled to believe that after thirty the so-called "party" is over. Well, I've never been much into parties, and if anything, my twenties were anything but a party. It was an extension of being a teenager, in my mind, and I did not enjoy either time as much as I probably should have, but I sure am enjoying being in my thirties. Turning thirty felt great, but turning thirty-one feels even better, because I've grown more in the last year than I ever did over the course of my twenties.

I feel more myself than I ever have, and the best part is I did it solo, without anybody clouding my judgment, or moulding me into someone I am not. That is the best birthday gift I could've ever asked for: myself, all figured out and ready to take on whatever comes my way. If life is a series of parties, then I'd say this party is the one where I would walk right in and have a blast without any strings attached.

Happy New Year!

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