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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Olympians are so much cooler than me!

Ever since Friday night, the night the Winter Olympic games from Vancouver opened officially, I have done nothing productive beyond the things I have to do. It's kind of funny, because I find it ironic that in order to watch an event that is the ultimate tribute to physical excellence and dedication, I am doing nothing but sitting on my bum in front of the TV, feeling like a bit of a loser.

It's funny and it's kind of depressing. It's depressing, because whenever an event of recognition of this magnitude takes place, I can't help but feel a tinge of sadness at the fact that I have never had as much passion for anything as much as the athletes who pay with their sweat, tears, money, physical exertion and entire lives for one thing they love. Not to say that I don't have any passion or passions, I do, but it's not the kind of passion that prompts me to give up, say, my leisure time for it.

Of course, I recognize that not everyone, even the most dedicated of athletes, who practice everyday, can make it to the Olympics, but the point isn't so much the activities which these athletes have dedicated their lives to--I've never had an interest in being an athlete. What I am most affected and awed by is the dedication and total and complete commitment these extraordinary people possess, so much that they become role models and examples.

Imagine the hours upon hours one spends perfecting the same move, over and over again, for years and years. It's hard to keep at something this hard, especially when there is so much at stake, including health. It really makes you wonder how these people do it.

So, for this reason I watch and root for the best and feel awed by the skill and prowess of everyone competing in Vancouver, while reflecting on all the things I've done and do in my life, and thinking that my passions aren't so hot or urgent to give up what these people have given up and continue to give up to get to where they are.

On a lighter, less sentimental note: the Olympics are also inspiring in the sense that I always work out extra hard and feel more pumped up to get fit and do my best at whatever workout I am doing. Now, if I can just peel my eyes away from the TV, I think I will reap the benefits of such a motivational factor!

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