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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

cool stuff for Iraq at the 2007 Asian Cup

In case you haven't figured it out by now, I'm crazy about what is dubbed as "the beautiful game" by the world. Football. Soccer. Whatever you wanna call it, I absolutely love it.

Due to my love for this sport, I read up on the happenings within the world of football almost daily. With Iraq's great and exciting success at the 2007 Asian Cup, other things have surfaced concerning the kick-butt team.

First, and most important, Iraqi footballer Nashat Akram is being eyed by European clubs! Clubs in England, Spain and Italy are eyeing the 23-year-old midfielder. Akram is the first Iraqi player to be considered by European clubs, and that is because he's been doing nothing but kicking butt at the Asian Cup this year. Let's not forget that the team also kicked butt and displayed awesome playing skills at the Olympics in Athens. Woohoo! Go Akram!

Secondly, and most silly is the discovery that Iraqi player Younis has a tattoo in the shape of Iraq on his arm. I don't like tattoos and don't ever plan on getting one, but I think his is really cool.

Well, the semi-final is tomorrow. Go Iraq!

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