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Sunday, February 3, 2008


I've been curious about a lot of things lately. Something or other will come up and I will get curious and research it.

Recently, I've researched everything from Technical Writing to different do-it-yourself hairstyling tips and tutorials. "For Dummies" books and others are a great resource along with educational DVDs that help a visual learner like myself understand complicated instructions.

Perhaps I'm a bit late in my discovery of but no matter. I feel confident in spreading the word about this awesome website that is like a cool, convenient resource of information about anything you can imagine.

With its simple slogan, "LIFE EXPLAINED. ON FILM," provides just what it promises. Though I've been focusing on hair and makeup tutorials, I have seen titles for everyday-task-clueless folk. You can learn how to tie a bow-tie, cook a meal, get that smokey eye look, have the perfect kiss, perform a striptease... the list is endless. There are even informational videos about diseases, concepts and ideas.

All the videos I viewed featured professionals, and each video was created by/for videojug with professionalism and expertise. Though I still need to play around with the website to really know all its perks, it seems that users like myself can upload instructional/information videos to the site as well. The site also allows users to post discussion boards.

This site is my new obssession, and I absolutely love it.

Because I have a wedding to go to in a couple of weeks, I have been wanting to try new makeup techniques and hairstyles for the occassion. The smokey eye look and a hair knot are what I've been looking into, and I found instructional videos about both these subjects. There were several videos for each, but these were my top two. You will see that they are brief, easy to follow and understand, and are presented by professionals in professionally made videos with crisp and clear visuals and audio.

So, for the smokey eyes...

How To Create A Smoky Eye Effect

And for the hair knot...

How To Create A Hair Knot


Elisabeth said...

Ooh! Make sure you post photos with your completed look! :)

Reem said...

I surely will! :)