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Saturday, May 24, 2008

I took them out to the ball game.

Ever since the Colorado Rockies became the 2007 National League champions, my sister has been wanting to go see them play. I've rolled my eyes the entire time she's expressed this wish, because I don't give a hoot about baseball, and certainly not about the Rockies.

I'd only been to one baseball game, and it was in 2006 on the Rockies' opening day. The only reason I went was because I had access to a free ticket and was invited to go with a friend. The atmosphere was nice, but I thought the game rather dull and boring. I left Coors Field convinced that baseball was even less eventful than golf. Yawn.

Back to my sister... she had been asking me to try for tix to the Rockies because the friend who took me to my first game is still capable of hooking me up with tix. In the meantime, my sister's friend who has over the past few months also become my friend stated that she has never even been to a baseball game, and that she would love to go and take her husband along. With all these people wishing to go see a Rockies game, I went ahead and tried my luck to get four tix.

Well, I got lucky and ended up taking my sister, her friend and her friend's husband to the ball game on Friday night. Rockies vs. the Mets. We had great club seats where the entire game was visible and clear to us.

We got kosher hot dogs and enjoyed the game with quite a turnout.

My first time at a Rockies game was pretty lame, because there didn't seem to be that many people in the stands. There was hardly any excitement, and hence, my conclusion that baseball is worse than golf with the boredom factor.

Not so last night. Perhaps because it was a Friday night, or perhaps it was because of it being the start of Memorial Day weekend, or the fact that we were playing against the Mets... whatever the reason, last night's game had a huge turnout and a lot of excitement. I'm not too educated in what everything means in baseball, but I know a homerun when I see one. And even if I don't, the crowds cheering last night with gusto let the most clueless game goer know when to join in the excitement. I was especially excited to do the infamous wave.

I had a blast last night. I was glad to make my sister's wish come true, and introduce two newbies to the tradition of going to at least one baseball game. The Rockies won after 13 long innings, and I not only got to sing the song, but did what it requested: I took them out to the ball game.

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