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Saturday, May 31, 2008

A Saturday

Saturdays are the days that bring me and my sister together for a day of shopping, dining and anything else we can't do during weekdays. This Saturday was no exception, and we went to the mall-- not so much to actually shop and buy things, but more to look at what's out there and get inspired with the latest trends and whatever else one can find at the mall.

A new Borders store has opened at the mall we frequent and we decided to go in and check it out. This store has an amazing design that makes it look absolutely HUGE! Anyway, I ended up buying Edgar Allan Poe's collection in a cute little hardback edition, and as I was walking around checking out stuff, someone called my name. My friend Karla was at Borders watching her salsa dance classmates perform in the cafe area. I am not much of a dancer, but I couldn't get over how stiff the performers were. Perhaps they were nervous, but it was just not enjoyable to watch stiff dancers that were moving their lips with each step, counting to stay in step!

As I said, my sister and I usually dine out on Saturdays. This Saturday we chose to have dinner at Panda Express. As we were sitting there eating, we noticed a group of teenage girls giggling and behaving like the teeny boppers they are. Now, I remember when my friends and I used to act like this when we were in high school, but for some reason, there was one thing that made the events I'm going to describe just a tad bit over the top and disturbing even.

One of the girls was interested in one of the employees, who is also a teenager. He appears to be a tad more mature than most teenagers, as he engages adults in very good conversation and I know he's been at his job for quite some time. He's a good kid, basically. He was on his break and sitting at one of the tables talking with other coworkers, not paying attention to the table with the giggling girls at all. This girl had her phone number written on a piece of paper and was waving that piece of paper for him to see, saying out loud "I want him to see me" for EVERYONE to hear and look at her. The guy was the only one not looking at her, or giving her the time of day. The girl was making a fool out of herself.

Now again, I remember when I used to be sitting at a table with giggling girls, and I'd be giggling too as we ogled a cute guy and one of us would have the guts to express interest by asking one of us to be the middle man, if you will. It's just how teenagers do things, so I have no problem with the girl being interested, nor do I have a problem with her sending someone over as the middle man. It's how teenagers express interest in each other. What I do have a problem with is the attitude. This girl was devoid of any innocence that a girl her age should possess, and looking at her all I could think was, "She's really something," and a not a good thing, at that.

Call me old-fashioned, but I can't help but look at teenagers nowadays and wonder what happened to the world that girls have air-filled egos rather than confidence and self-respect, and guys don't have to do anything to have a girl melt infront of them. I'm not saying the guy should be doing ALL the work, but what I saw from the guy with all the attention directed at him, was an indifference to a girl with that big of what essentially is a lack of self respect, making ALL the moves. There should be a balance in who does what in a relationship. Girls who respect themselves of any age don't wave their phone numbers infront of a crowd to get the attention of a guy obviously not interested. They discreetly and from afar let the guy know they're interested, and based on their age either use a middle man to break the ice, or take the step of just breaking the ice themselves if the guy doesn't make the first move.

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