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Monday, November 17, 2008

Time flies when you're having fun and keeping busy

I can't believe it's Thanksgiving time already, and that there are just four more class sessions left. This isn't even counting the fact that tomorrow marks the newspaper's last production day for the semester.

Looking back at the last three months, so much has happened I never dreamed would, all stemming from the simple act of registering for a class. The people I've met, the things I've learned and the ways I've grown are too much to describe. The last three months have been phenomenal with ups and downs that ultimately lead to a peak I feel fortunate to have reached. My ambitions don't stop there, though.

I've already registered for two spring classes and have committed to serving as editor in chief of the paper for another semester.

Of course, part of me is sad that my class is about to be over, but the other part is jumping for joy for the break I'm going to get from the craziness that has been my life.

A simple example of how being busy has limited my enjoyment of certain things I love to do is that I started reading a book at the end of August, stopped for Ramadan throughout September, then picked it back up shortly after in October. Well, I'm still not finished. True that this book I'm reading is huge at 947 pages, but it's one I wouldn't be able to put down if I didn't have all this stuff going on preventing me from reading day and night and finishing it all in two full weeks at the most.

I'm at page 670 now, and having so much trouble parting with the book each time I must close it, I can't wait for a time I can read as much as my heart desires. My vision for the break between Dec. 5 and the second week of January is one that involves a lot of reading and writing I've been prevented from doing all this time. I expect to finish the book I'm reading now and finish another book, and already start on the next one by the time school is back in session.

I also plan on going back to a more consistent schedule of exercise and activity I've been either too busy or tired to keep up with.

The only thing better than my vision for this winter break is one that involves me reading after a long day of swimming in the Caribbean Sea.

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