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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Actions speak louder than thoughts

For about three years now, I've been thinking and not doing a lot of things. Tennis classes, a more structured writing schedule, taking a creative writing class, finding out the formal and professional way(s) to submit work to publications... all these things and more have been thoughts and wishes that I never acted on seriously enough to make happen.

Tennis lessons are still just a thought, but I'm happy to report that a more structured writing schedule is at least in the works. As for the last two, I'm elated to report, are going to be a reality beginning August 18, 2008. I've registered for a class at Arapahoe Community College; Publishing Your Work.

How does this translate into creative writing? Well, what's really cool about this class is that along with teaching a writer how to write query letters, book proposals, and bringing in speakers who know the ins and outs of publishing, there is also a workshop deal. This will be extra help to me with all my writings that are publishable from personal essays, to a piece of fiction I'm working on.

I'm very excited about this class and cannot wait to see just what I am missing in the whole getting published equation.

On a different note, I've stopped using the website where I've been getting feedback on my fiction piece. Or what I should really say is that with the knowledge that I can't please everyone, I can only take so much criticism and "I love this!" comments to keep me moving forward. I feel I've gotten all I can get out of this group concerning this particular work, and seeing as how I'm only working on this for the time being, I have no use for feedback, at least from that group of critiquers. I now have two drafts for what I've written so far, and still like the first draft best with a few tweaks and changes. Now I think is the time to move forward with the story and stop worrying about the details that can be taken care of later.

Hopefully, with the class I'm gonna take, the story will not only move forward but be ready to go places.

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