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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Tube socks and a host umbrella

One of the many cool things I appreciate about AOL are the weird news items they put on their welcome screen. Each time I sign in I get intrigued by at least one news item they've provided a link to, and before I know it, I'm clicking through an endless photo gallery of crazy and sometimes ugly fashion trends.

The latest fashion trend I came across on AOL was that of the tube sock. Apparently, these iconic socks made famous in the 70s are now back in a crazy way. The reason why this is something I feel the need to write about is the fact that as a child, I loved said style of socks. I was girly, loved pink and idolized Disney's Snow White, but I loved my tube socks and wore them with everything.

Though I have more pictures to showcase my tube sock loving phase, I was only able to find one with ease.

I wore these socks with everything from the outfit in the picture, to dresses... and now super model Gisele is sporting them along with everyone else in that gallery. If you ask me, I think my take on this piece of 70s style is the cutest, and most creative. What do you think?

On a completely different note, something very interesting happened to me just yesterday. I was outside, sitting on the swing we have on our deck, and had our umbrella open when a gust of wind came and made the thing not so stable. I decided to close it up, and as I was doing this, I heard something fall on the glass of the table underneath. I looked down, and this is what I saw...

I have no idea what these things are, but to me, they look like baby caterpillars that were waiting to hatch. Their Mama must've put them inside one of the folds in our umbrella and left them there. They were squirmy and remained so for a few minutes, but soon flatlined. I feel really bad for basically aborting these babies, but it was a pure accident, and a very interesting one at that. Ah, the beauty of the outdoors during the summer... however morbid it can turn.

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