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Saturday, August 18, 2007



PLEASE help me find my beloved cat:

  • 7-year-old Persian male
  • Orange tabby
  • Has dark tear stains near his eyes

Missing since 8/15/2007.

If you, or anyone you know live in Parker, Colorado, please take a good look at the pictures and see if you've seen my cat. Please email me with any information you might have at

Thank you!


Elisabeth said...

So sad to read this about your little baby. Make sure you put an ad in the classifieds. It's free! Also, you should be checking the local shelters every day or couple of days in case he's shown up there.

Best of luck.

Reem said...

Thanks for the kind words. Its been hard, but I guess this kind of thing comes with the territory... especially when the cat in question is a naughty tomcat! When I find him, he's not going out for as long as he's gone... he's grounded and that's all there is to it!