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Friday, August 3, 2007

More pics from Guadalajara

Of course, I have very little time to really write a travel log or diary, though I wanted to do something like that originally. It is very difficult, however, given that I spend all day out, and when we get back to the hotel, I'm pretty much dead and all I wanna do is sleep. Also, there's not enough time to load all the pics I want to load onto snapfish, so I'll keep picking out a few and posting them on my blog. I hope that strategy will suffice until I get back to Denver to the curious reader. Enjoy these latest pics...

On the way to Lake Chapala is a restaurant that serves only one meal. They don't even have a menu, and the place is very popular. The meal is Birria, which is the specialty of Guadalajarans and comprises of meat, in this case goat meat, in a tomat0-based sauce. This is the ceiling of the restaurant. Nice, eh?

Dad and I had our picture taken by our waiter.

Dad took my picture.

This is at Lake Chapala. I'm sorry to say that there wasn't much else at Lake Chapala. It's a pretty basic lake town, with nothing more than a lake and boat rides across the lake.

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