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Monday, August 20, 2007

To my delight...

In the midst of my worrying and sadness for my lost cat, very little has cheered me up to the point where I can write. Obviously I've put my Mexico trip chronicles on hold, and haven't written anything besides the lost cat ad.

But much to my delight, as I was trying to go through the motions of normality this morning, I found something quite awesome. I don't know many people who would share this joy with as much gusto as I have, but have given me the best gift of all by now including FREE weekly highlight videos of all the Barclays Premiership League games!

Check it out!

That means I get to watch highlights of my Red Devils (Manchester United)! I don't have cable or any access to these games, so I've had to settle for photos of highlights up until now. This is very exciting for me and I just had to share.

Even though ManU have had a disappionting start this season. In fact, this season for ManU has been dubbed its worst in 15 years! On top of losing their last game to Manchester City with a 0-1 score on Sunday, they've had to do without Ronaldo after his head-butting incident in the preceding Portsmouth game, which earned him a three game ban. ManU are 16th as of the latest standings, and Ronaldo still has to sit out two more games.

Ronaldo (#7) is shown the red card after allegedly head-butting Richard Hughes of Portsmouth. (

Not to say that he's the only thing keeping this team together, but he certainly does work magic out on the pitch with his amazing feet and goals... i.e. last season he contributed 17 goals to get ManU the Premiership title, something they hadn't accomplished in four years.

I suppose it's still early to tell whether it really is a bad season for ManU, but time is of the essence and it's gonna be a tight race for those points to the top.

So, that is the little bit of excitement and cheeriness in the midst of this very worrisome time for me.

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