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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

There's been a change of plans...

Mulling over a few things in my head the last couple days, I’ve made a decision I hope will be final concerning my Mexico Chronicles project. If you recall, I had mentioned I would create a blog for what I still feel is good material for a sellable memoir of my time in Mexico with my father. I created a blog and everything, and even wrote a few entries, but some stuff happened soon after I started that blog, which kept me away from maintaining it the way a blog ought to be maintained.

Being that I have some great pictures from the trip, along with a few great videos that show what I feel is the real Mexico, I feel it would make more sense to keep up on the memoir material—sans blog. Meaning, I will be turning the blog into a gallery of pics and vids from the trip, accompanying each with enlightening captions I feel will be sufficient to describe the great country of Mexico.

The material for the entries I’ve already written will be taken off the blog and will become material for a memoir I will be working on in the meantime.

The whole thing is still in its elementary—practically kindergarten stages—but since writing gigs aren’t lining up for me yet, I am spending more time looking for gigs than anything else in my office right now. I feel I have the perfect environment to listen to the voice recordings from the trip, and put it all into prose.

Right now I am focusing on uploading all the videos from the trip onto Google, and picking out the pics that will work best for a blog of this sort. As soon as everything is ready to be shown, I will let everyone know. In the meantime, keep reading this blog *ahem* if not for the “uneventful life” part, then at least for my Intrepid Media updates!

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