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Monday, September 10, 2007

I'm back and all set up in my new "space"

I know I know I know. I haven't done anything with the blog for quite some time. That's only because there hasn't been much going on worth writing about. In order to let everyone know that the blog has not been abandoned, I am making an attempt to display signs of life.

I am writing this blog, actually, from my mini workspace I've made in the basement. I didn't think I would like being down here where it's kind of dank and lacking in enough natural light, but I'm liking it. There are no distractions, and I feel more free to read my work aloud to help me see if it flows good on the tongue. I'm also trying to incorporate my digital voice recorder into my writing tool(s) and having distractions all around me made it difficult to speak a complete thought. But down here, it's been a success. I have a lot of work to do down here that has been put off before because of distractions. There are no more excuses. The writing will be picking up soon.

Speaking of writing... I have written a piece for Intrepid Media titled Fishing with Floss. It is featured in the gallery, so do give it a read.

While not writing, I've also been trying to find places to publish my stuff and actually get paid for it. It's proving very difficult, because I'm up against some very seasoned and established writers who've published stuff in fancy magazines and the like, but I'm not giving up.

Also during this time of writing hiatus, I developped a mild obssession with Facebook. Thanks to an old friend from my years in the United Arab Emirates, I created an account and went on a facebook friend collecting spree. I've found elementary school classmates, relatives, and childhood friends I haven't seen or heard from in 20 years. I got on the Facebook wagon a little late because I felt it was stupid for so long, but as I come across more and more people I'd lost touch with, it's become an essential tool to conjure up the past in a fun and entertaining way.

Now it's seriously time to go back to writing and updating my blog regularly, hopefully with links to more published works of mine in paying sites.

Good luck to me!

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