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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

I have just been "newsed"!

I have a couple things to announce.

First, a couple months ago, I submitted a piece I had written and published on Intrepid Media to The Shine Journal. It is an online publication that publishes everything from poetry to photography. Just this morning, I received an email from The Shine Journal's editor telling me that she would like to publish this piece for the January issue! This is so exciting, because it is the first time since college that I will have a submission published anywhere outside of Intrepid Media!

The second announcement is that the minute I found out the awesome news about getting published in January, I let everyone know about it on Intrepid Media, and as a result, my accomplishment has been "newsed" on Intrepid Media's main page. Check it out!

It's a tiny success, but it's enough to inspire me and encourage me to go further and beyond. I will provide a link to the published piece on my blog later on, and I hope everyone reading this will plan on reading it come January. It will certainly be a happy new year for me, and a happy birthday at that!

Life is just good right now.

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Elisabeth said...

Congrats! Can't wait to see the publication in January!