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Saturday, June 21, 2008

Never judge a movie by its opening

I watched Music and Lyrics last night. Hugh Grant and Drew Barrymore star in this absolute stink fest that tried to be so many things-- funny, deep and clever-- but failed miserably.

In an effort to express my feelings about this movie, I came up with quite the one-liner that made me chuckle in the midst of my non-stop yawning.
It had the depth of a kiddie pool.

There is one thing that I did enjoy in this movie, and that is the mock 80s music video in the opening. That was pretty funny and made me doubt my feeling that this was going to be a bad movie. Turned out my feeling was right, but I at least got a good laugh out of confusing Hugh Grant with Tom Cruise at one point in the mock video. That is if Tom Cruise was wearing an Austin Powers getup.

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