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Friday, June 20, 2008

Step away from the Facebook!

There are so many distractions one can find while sitting at the computer. The internet makes it so easy to pass hours you could be utilizing to do a lot more for yourself, and I know this. Between instant messaging on MSN and AOL, the numerous forwards I receive from friends, which I in turn forward to other friends, the Scrabulous and Chess games I've got going on Facebook, and my latest obssession with another Facebook game, Crazy Taxi... I'm surprised I get anything done away from the computer, little else actual work on the computer itself! And to think Facebook is constantly adding new games and applications built to suck time!

Beginning today, I am making efforts to take back the chunks of time I have been wasting on the computer doing useless things. I can't go cold turkey with the computer, because it's where I do my writing, so I am going to limit my visits to certain websites that distract me and suck huge chunks of my time.

Facebook is the hugest culprit. Though I don't have much going on in the socializing realm of Facebook, it does have Scrabulous, Chess, and Crazy Taxi. Those games keep me on Facebook for hours at a time. Sure, I log off and try to get work done, but then I get an alert from Facebook telling me that some stranger wants to be my friend, and my curiousity takes me back to Facebook where again, I am sucked back into the games and other endless distractions. I do the same when I have been writing and need a break... so instead of doing something like go for a walk, or go outside for some air, I stay at the computer wasting a perfectly good day on Facebook.

I'm done sabotaging my days this way. So, I am beginning a boycott of Facebook, starting today. How long is this boycott gonna last? I don't know, but I hope to make it to a whole week of absolutely no Facebook. Total cold turkey. No status updates, no Scrabulous, no Crazy Taxi, no nothing.

Of course, I will always waste time. If it's not Facebook, it's something else for me, but right now I can pinpoint the time sucker, and it's Facebook.

If you want to join me in this effort to wean yourself away from the evils of Facebook, please do. We might not be able to remember what life was like before cellphones, but I can totally remember what life was like before Facebook... it was a lot more productive.

Good luck to me!


Teddi said...

LOL! No way am I weaning off of facebook, but I do have a system. I usually approve friend requests all at once so I ignore those emails. My facebook vice is Packrat, but I switched to co-op because I can finish things faster with help from friends. Plus I play while I'm nursing since it's easy to play with just one hand.

I love facebook because I've been able to reconnect with friends from a long time ago and that's cool.

Meanwhile, I shouldn't have to connect with local friends through facebook. We need a girls' lunch!

Reem said...

I think Facebook is pretty cool for reconnecting me with some great friends from elementary, middle and high school. I've even gotten in touch with friends I remember from as long as I can remember. But the games and other useless distractions on FB far outweigh my active communication with these long-lost friends.

My curiousity always gets the better of me when I get those friend requests so I immediately must see who it is that likes to hit up strangers on Facebook. I never accept these requests, but they are intriguing to me nonetheless.

Anyway, you are correct about how we shouldn't keep in touch with local friends through FB! We really should do a lunch like before soon!