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Sunday, October 14, 2007

Day 3: The fun continues, with a few not so fun instances

Day three in Mexico has come and gone, and the fun is still taking place. But certainly not without a few snags along the way. Driving around Guadalajara is a real challenge, especially when you have the pressure of needing to keep an appointment!

You see, part of why my father made Mexico a place to visit was for dental care, which is much cheaper on this side of the border. To make a long story very short, while we're here, we all figured we'd get our dental care taken care of, and so, our appointment(s) were scheduled for today. The problem is that it turned out that one of the dentists could not keep the appointment for a personal reason, and could not get a hold of us to tell us so. It was an interesting day of rescheduling appointments, finding the actual offices we had to be at, and so on and so forth.

And now, for the fun part. While at another dentist's office, we met an actual singer in the waiting room. Her name was Kristy and she gave us a CD each of her latest work. She is local and does cover songs in Salsa, Cumbia and Tropical music, but nonetheless, she's made 10 CD's throughout her 15-year singing career. We also met her husband, who is also a singer, though I'm not sure what his name is or if he's solo, or just part of a hidden band for his wife. Both individuals were charming and spoke English, and tried to convince us to move to Guadalajara. I really wish I could take them up on this offer soon, but who knows? Stranger things have happened!

Also today is the day I finally got a pair of shoes at the infamous Galleria de Calzado, a mall dedicated to shoes that people rave about left and right. I didn't go in last time I was in Guadalajara with my Dad, don't ask why, but I went in today and got a gorgeous pair of black patent-leather, sling-back, peep-toe heels. I cannot wait to get back to Denver and wear these beauts! Check 'em out!

We also had lunch at the Mercado de Libertad food court. We had delicious barbecued beef strips, served with fresh avocado and vegetables and beans. The interesting part is that the food court is huge, but we happened to find the one counter named El Tapatio... same as our hotel! I guess it's not so weird, since Guadalajarans call themselves Tapatios, but still! How weird is that?

After that, we had a second round of appointments to make with dentist(s) and by the time that stuff was done with, we came back to the hotel, and here I am writing about everything.

I'm happy to report that my Spanish is getting better and better, though I still don't have a tight enough grip to have an intelligent conversation. I am kickin' some butt relatively speaking in Spanish, and I am convinced that Spanish is the language I will be focusing on learning for the time-being, as I wanna come back to this great country over and over again. Who knows? Maybe I'll take Kristy's advice and move here! That would be muy brilliant!

Hasta luego!

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