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Sunday, October 14, 2007

Oh, what the heck?

So, here are some pics we've snapped while the last couple days.

My sister and I striking a pose for my Dad as we get ready for take-off. Our flight was interesting, as one of the flight attendants was perhaps the funniest man alive. He made us actually pay attention to the stupid instructions I usually ignore. He did the announcements, and asked us to turn our attention to his "new boyfriend" doing the demonstrations. He pointed out that the oxygen masks "are not party hats," and dictated us how to use the masks as soon as we stop "crying like a little girl." He made numerous other absolutely hilarious jokes that I can't remember now... but it was a fun and smooth sail to Guadalajara.

My sister and I strike another pose for Dad at Guadalajara's Centro Historico. The place was bursting with people enjoying an outing on a lovely Saturday night.

Day 2 Started out perfect. Before heading off to breakfast, we snapped a few pics. I think this is a great pic of me and my sister. The view from El Tapatio Hotel also adds to the coolness of this pic!

There was a Mariachi band playing for the crowd of Sunday brunchers. It was a delicious and absolutely fun breakfast.

After breakfast, we saw this guy selling his handicrafts of silver jewelry in the hotel courtyard. My Dad and I bought a few pieces from him last time we were in Guadalajara and he actually remembered us. We bought more stuff and took a picture of him as he's a really cool guy.

El Tapatio Hotel has everything a hotel should have, including an awesome pool. This is just a picture that expresses my happiness for being in Mexico and staying in such a cool hotel! Of course, the soccer players behind me might've also had something to do with the huge grin on my face.

Walking around the Mercado de Libertad got us thirsty, so we bought ourselves Coca Cola served the way God intended... in glass bottles. The food court at the Mercado de Libertad is huge and filled with eateries that serve all kinds of Mexican specialties ranging from seafood to unique juice drinks.

I don't know if this is supposed to be a no-brainer, but I have a sneaking suspicion that Tim Burton was heavily influenced by Mexican art when he made his movies. This is one of a number of benches scattered in this square downtown. They're quirky, whimsical, and appear to be a specialty of Mexico.

So, that's all folks! (for now, anyway) As I said, I will try to keep up on the blog thing, but I may end up without easy internet access like now that will prevent me from being able to even check email, little else upload pics and spend time writing. In the meantime, I will continue to have an awesome time in an awesome country! Hasta luego amigos!

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