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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Why I love pirates

When I was a child in the United Arab Emirates, I watched a lot of cartoons. Most of these cartoons were japanimation, but dubbed into Arabic. Treasure Island was my favorite one of these types of shows and though I'm an adult now, I still think this show is something I could watch on a marathon basis if I could. It was the springboard for my fascination with pirates... long before Pirates of the Carribean became what it is today. I found a few clips on YouTube from the show recently, to my delight, and thought I'd share the joy of the opening credits with those unfamiliar with this awesome show. I have the song on my Ipod and listen to it with much gusto. Enjoy my childhood in a nutshell!

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Elisabeth said...

Yo ho ho, a pirate's life for me! (or however you say that in arabic!)

Glad you had another good trip. If you're wanting to practice your spanish along the way, I know George, Monica, and Evelyn, and even Stacey would be happy to practice with you. I'm sure Monica would even be excited to teach you some phrases.

So, speaking of your life-long interests, did you hear about the titanic exhibit in town? Teddi went and said it was pretty good. I said, "I bet Reem would really love it!"