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Tuesday, October 2, 2007

In the meantime, I'll be reading

I've made some other not so exciting discoveries that will hopefully help me hit it big as a writer. Not near as big as Paul Potts' version (read post below), but big enough for me.

Looks like I'm gonna be doing more reading than writing for a while.

You see, the more I read about freelancing and writing in general, the more I find that I need to read even more. There is a lot of reading involved in knowing the ropes as a freelance writer.

The reading involved in order to know everything I need to know about being a professional freelance writer is quite expansive.

I need to read every publication I might be interested in submitting work for cover to cover, in order to get a feel of its tone and what articles would work for its audience. I also need to read books related to freelancing, along with other writing resources to keep up on the trends and innovations in this field. And obviously, if I'm going to review books I will need to read the books I will eventually review. It's a never-ending list of reading!

Though I truly believe that nothing good happens quickly, sans luck of course, I am wanting things to start shaping up soon for me. All this waiting and reading is getting me so excited for something big to happen, I can hardly concentrate on anything I'm reading!

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