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Sunday, October 14, 2007

Hola! from Mexico.

I meant to write about my second trip to Mexico, but I got so busy preparing for it, I didn't have the time. But, here I am, writing a blurb on here while I'm in Mexico for the second time.

The usual suspects are here, i.e., me and my Dad, but a new addition has been made; my sister. My sister is finally taking a vacation from work, and she's spending it in Mexico.

I must say, the second time around has been a lot more enjoyable, because the first time here was nerve-racking, what with me going on a trip with just my Dad for the first time in my life, and it being a foreign place that speaks a language I don't really have a grip on. But this time around, I am a lot more comfortable with my surroundings and the language is coming a little more smoothly than last time on its own. Also, my sister being here to relieve the stress of dealing with my Dad on my own is really helping me loosen up and enjoy Mexico a lot more.

Day 1 We arrived yesterday in Guadalajara, rented a Volkswagen and headed to El Tapatio Hotel. After we dropped off our luggage and freshened up a bit, we went to the Centro Historico and walked around. It was a pretty easy-going evening that was a perfect introduction to the highlights of Guadalajara's Centro Historico for my sister. Though we'd bought a barbecued chicken from an eatery on the side of the road before we headed downtown, we were awfully hungry for a full meal by the time we were done walking around downtown. We went to Pomodoro, an italian restaurant my Dad and I ate at last time we were here. The funny thing is that we went to Pomodoro the first night in Guadalajara last time we were here, too. I guess it's now an unintentional tradition to have Italian at Pomodoro the first night in Guadalajara!

Day 2 was a lot of fun. We had breakfast at the hotel restaurant and got treated to things my Dad and I didn't experience our last stay at El Tapatio Hotel. Since it was Sunday, the hotel restaurant was quite busy with people staying at the hotel, as well as those who live in Guadalajara, but come to El Tapatio for their popular Sunday brunch. There was a Mariachi band playing for the diners, and people were all decked out in their best clothes. It was a nice breakfast, but the best part was when a team of young soccer players started spilling in for their breakfast... that was an early morning dessert for me, I must say. Grrrrrrrrrrrrowwwwwwwwwlllllll!!!!

After breakfast, we headed to the Centro Historico and introduced my sister to the infamous Mercado de Libertad. We spent much time there, looking at the endless merchandise there, but didn't buy anything aside from three sodas at the food court to quench our flirtatious thirst. After that, we walked around the Centro Historico some more, visiting areas we hadn't visited the night before... some that my Dad and I hadn't visited last time we were here. We snapped a few pics and shot a few videos, which I plan to upload in the near future.

After a long day of walking and sight-seeing in Guadalajara's hub of fun, we came back to the hotel and had some delicious barbecued chicken right in our hotel room, that we purchased from the same guy we bought our chicken from the night before. It was muy delicioso! We are now all beat and tired, and just hanging out in our hotel room. It's been nice, as I got a chance to add a posting to my blog, which I neglected last time and regretted it. Nothing beats recording the events as they happen, and I will try my hardest to keep on that this time around.

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