Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people. - Eleanor Roosevelt

Saturday, October 27, 2007

A new hobby

I think I have a new hobby that is not only challenging at times, but also offers instant gratification. I've cooked twice in the last week, and it's been pretty awesome. I can't say I'm as good as my mom, as the woman should open a restaurant, but I haven't killed anyone with my cooking. Yet. In fact, I've gotten compliments... OK... a compliment.

But my biggest gastronomic achievement so far has been ratatouille. I chopped, I sauteed and I served. It was all done from scratch, right down to the peeled, diced tomatoes that the recipe called for. It's an easy dish, but the fact that I did it all by myself from scratch is the part that makes me feel proud.

The internet has been my best friend through these rough times without my mother's delicious, nutritious and healthy cooking. There is a wealth of recipes out there that are easy, but are more than just throwing frozen veggies in a wok with chicken. My next project is going to be a simple dish of Greek or Italian olives baked with fresh rosemary and basil.

If I continue with this hobby and learn all there is to know, I will expand my writing horizons, and could become a food writer.

My ultimate motto is: Everything for the writing life!

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